In a nutshell

Busara is a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing and applying behavioral science in the Global South.

We work with governments, NGOs, private companies and academics to understand human behavior, and design solutions to overcome behavioral barriers to products, programs and policies as they scale.


Values and process

Rigor, relevance & creativity are building blocks of our work at Busara.

We enforce rigor in everything we do.  We obsess in bringing the latest methods and insights from research into our work.  We collect data whenever and wherever we can, and believe in perfection through rapid iteration.

We push the boundaries of behavioral science by bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners.  We serve as translators between the latest advancements in research and the ever-changing contextual landscape of where we work.  Our work focuses on understanding and designing for culture and context; there is no one sized fits all solution.

We believe that the best solutions are user-focused, target specific behaviors, and can produce measurable results.  Our multi-disciplinary team works alongside designers, creatives, and researchers to develop and cultivate creative solutions to the world's hardest behavioral challenges.  


We believe that global reach starts with local context.

Busara is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with offices across the global south. We believe that the best products, programs and policies are created for a specific context, and effectively creating behavioral solutions requires a strong presence in the context.

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Our work always starts with removing assumptions and pre-conceived notions about culture and context to look at the world through a fresh perspective. We spend a long time listening, learning, designing and discarding potential solutions before we find the ones that may work. Then we test, scale, break, and iterate, again and again until we have it right.

We've done work for single-person startups and social enterprises, as well as global firms and multilateral development organizations. Our approach to solving behavioral problems is sector agnostic and our portfolio has included challenges in health, financial inclusion, agriculture, and civic engagement. Whether creating a new financial product that will reach millions, or changing the wording on a single SMS to drive engagement, we take the same values and process into everything we do.


Tools of our trade

Data & Analytics

We find behavioral data where you least expect it. Then we build machine learning models to help your data learn from itself. Or we design experiments to identify causal links in behavior rather than noisy correlations in data. 

Testing Platforms

We build systems to collect, store and analyze data to better inform behavioral solutions. We create platforms for rapid testing and experimentation, data visualization, and anomaly detection.  Our systems bring data to life and lead to better, faster decisions.

Academic Rigor

We stay at the pinnacle of research by conducting rigorous studies for academics around the globe.  For those interested in cutting-edge research, click here.

Behavioral Design

We put human behavior at the heart of all of our design. Behavioral design creates insight to better products, programs and policies.  We play well with human-centered designers, and communication specialists to optimize adoption, engagement and compliance.

Decision Labs

Our office in Nairobi has one of the world's largest decision labs.  Our labs conduct psychology, economics, and political science experiments, and are also ideal for user experience testing. We also have a mobile lab that fits in a suitcase and can be deployed anywhere on earth.

Behavioral Diagnostic

We work to understand the drivers of behavior in any given decision context.  Through qualitative methods, observations, and light prototyping, we can map the primary mechanisms that motivate an action, and better design solutions to change behavior.



Our diverse team of over 100 staff come from a rich variety of backgrounds and disciplines.  We represent over a dozen nationalities and each individual brings a unique perspective to our context and work.



Busara works across the public and private sector, tailoring behavioral solutions for each organization’s specific needs.

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