Driving Uptake and Engagement of New Mobile Money Users

Background: Mobile money has revolutionized the financial landscape in the developing world.  Innovative products like Tigo Money and Safaricom's MPESA  have granted a simple, accessible tool to increase financial inclusion among previously unbanked populations.  With the spread of these platforms, numerous add-on technologies have emerged to expand the product set from pure transfer services to savings, bill payments, credit, among others.  However while the mobile platform promotes rapid scale, the depth of the expansion is often underwhelming, with rural users often failing to capitalize on the new opportunities or fully understand the risks inherent to new products.

Scope: Busara consulted for a large multinational network operator to build in behavioral nudges to a large scale marketing push to onboard several million new users.  Busara developed a pilot testing platform to test numerous potential solutions and then built in the highest performing interventions in terms of long term savings and lending activity to the broader marketing structure.