Advisory Approach


Busara works with organizations to understand behavioral barriers and harness rigorous research to solve their problems through an iterative, continuous cycle of testing and learning.



We believe in a client-orienteddeliverable-driven, and timely approach for all advisory engagements. 


Applied Behavioral Insights

Busara works closely with clients to understand and overcome behavioral challenges that could be preventing them from reaching their desired goals. After delving deeply into the context surrounding a particular issue, we propose tailored solutions using our extensive knowledge of behavioral science and its application. Going beyond the recommendation, we work with partners to test, refine, and continuously improve solutions.

Recent research in behavioral economics has dramatically advanced our understanding of how people make decisions. Busara bridges the gap between what we know about behavioral economics and what can practically be achieved when this knowledge is applied to real world situations. 



Rigorous Impact Evaluation

Billions of dollars are spent every year implementing and developing interventions targeted at eradicating poverty and improving livelihoods.  Until recently, there has been little emphasis on developing metrics and evaluations tools to monitor the effectiveness of these interventions, leading to a great deal of inefficiency. 

Using the most rigorous of research methods -- including, but not limited to randomized control trials -- Busara works collaboratively with our partners to understand the overall impact of their interventions, break down the effects among their target beneficiaries, and recommend improvements to further their outcomes.