Busara's work with academic partners is focused on generating novel insights for behavioral economics and development and aiding our clients in developing and deploying cutting edge research across a wide range of disciplines.  

Common themes that connects all of the research that we conduct are: 

  • The understanding that context and culture are key to impactful research

  • A rigorous, data-driven desire for unpacking causal relationships.

  • Using the latest methods and technologies in data collection to ensure maximum comprehension, implementation speed, and data quality.


We offer a full range of research support, from collaboration on a shared research focus, to high quality data collection in the lab or in the field.  We specialize in design, contextualization, and an experienced data collection process.

Our research process can be concise or exhaustive

Using the same approach that we use with our own research, we can assist in every step of the process.

  1. From a question to a hypothesis: We can help you form a research question into a focused testable hypotheses using our local insight and academic experience.

  2. Harnessing context and culture: The world is not WEIRD (White, Educated, Industrialized, Rich & Developed). Understanding the unique context and culture which Busara works in can lead to substantive changes in what the final question is, who you decide to target, and how to ask the right questions.

  3. Pilot testing, refinement, iteration: Research is messy. We pay careful attention to pilot testing, focus grouping, and in-depth interviewing to ensure the maximum validity and comprehension for your research design.

  4. Expert data collection: Whether you want a large-scale RCT, a highly controlled lab experiment, or in-depth interviews with key informants, our associates have backgrounds in economics, statistics, political science, psychology, and global health, among many others. We can program your survey for mobile, tablet, or computer. Our staff work are on annual contracts and have years of training conducting thousands of surveys and experimental games.

  5. Data cleaning to full analysis: We can assist in writing pre-analysis plans, summarizing data, and running detailed econometric regressions.

  6. Revise, refine and follow up: Flexible support through the entire research process. Need extra sessions, or follow up surveys? Discovered a new question to pursue? We are ready to go.