We support our partners to identify and understand their target audience's decision-making process as well as develop and test behavioral add-ons to products or programs to affect take-up, continued usage and impact.

We tailor each project to the context and needs of our partners, usually in the following stages:

  1. Preliminary Market Assessment: Our team builds a deep understanding of the market for a product or program through comprehensive focus groups and in-depth interviews with consumers as well as discussions with distributors and analysis of sales data
  2. Product and Program Design: We map consumer insights to develop the core design of a product or program to best fit the target market
  3. BE Optimization: Using insights from internal expertise, a wide-range of literature and our previous experiences we optimize the core design using behavioral framing, nudges and add-ons
  4. Testing BE solutions: Through testing in the field with in-depth interviews and usage data, we assess the impact of the product or program and identify the optimal behavioral configuration across various user profiles
  5. Support Scale: We support partners to think about broader markets and incorporation into other products and programs.  Additionally, we work with partners to develop internal learning and testing capacity for the long-term.

Impact Evaluation

We support our partners to rigorously evaluate their impact and improve their effectiveness and accountability. 

  1. Experiment Design: We understand the trade-offs between conducting cutting edge impact evaluations within normal business operations. We design experiments using the most rigorous quantitative and qualitative research methods while fitting the reality of your product or program as well as the local context. 
  2. Implementation: Busara will take care of all implementation logistics, on-the-ground partnership coordination and data quality assurance needs. 
  3. Analysis and Dissemination: Our team of seasoned economists from top universities will help you rigorously analyse the data, form evidence-based recommendations and support in their dissemination among relevant policy and client networks.