Busara implements OPEN SCIENCE research for world-class organizations around the world.  

We offer a full range of research support, from collaboration on a shared research focus, to high quality data collection in the lab or in the field. We specialize in design, contextualization, and an high-quality data collection process.

We offer these services to the academic community on a not-for-profit basis.


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Decision Lab

Full implementation support: Our associates can help you every step of the way, from design, to writing pre-analysis plans, to programming experiments, cleaning data, and running analysis.    Need even more support? Our academic team and affiliates are available for consultation.

Lab team:  We have a team who are solely focused on pilot testing, refining and implementing laboratory experiments.  They ensure protocols are appropriate for our subject pool, dry-pilot and test the experiment for comprehension and data quality, and run experimental sessions.

Networked computer cluster: Busara's lab contains 25 networked touchscreen computer stations capable of surveys and interactive games.  High-speed internet allows for rich media or web-based surveys (Qualtrics).  The entire lab is backed up on battery generators for consistent uptime in any condition.

Interview cubicles: Quiet spaces for one-on-one or focus group interviews.

Salivary assays: We have the ability to collect and store salivary samples for measurement of biomarkers such as cortisol.

Unique subject pool: Busara has an active subject pool of 12,000 and counting.  Participants come from informal areas (Kibera, Kawangware & Viwandani) and the University of Nairobi.  Busara is always actively recruiting interested participants and can do additional recruiting for your study.

Verified identification: At registration, we collect fingerprint information on our participants.  This allows us to ensure the identity of all study participants and track their participation in projects over time.

Safe & easy money transfer: We pay respondents using M-PESA, Kenya's leading money transfer service that reaches 70% of Kenyans and 100% of our subject pool.  This makes participant payments easy, safe, and standardized.

Flexible implementation: We can combine lab with other methods such as field visits, SMS and phone surveys to fit your study parameters.

Mobile lab: Our mobile lab consists of 70 tablet computers and packable dividers.  It fits in a suitcase and can be transported with our team anywhere in the world.



Field Data Collection

Full implementation support: Busara has conducted tens of thousands of surveys across all areas of Kenya.  Our team is well versed in assisting on a study every step of the way, from design and budgeting through analysis.

Field team: We have exceptional project leads who lead teams of enumerators on projects.  Project leads deal with day-to-day logistics, data organization and reporting, and simple desk research.  They are also the primary data collection for in-depth qualitative research and focus groups.

We have full-time field officers who work on a variety of Busara implementation projects.  This ensures that they have the training and experience to conduct your research, whether it's in the lab or field, survey or interview.  Busara also has a pool of field officers who are on-call and can be quickly added to our staff for larger-scale projects.

Staff are hired year-round and undergo regular training for the latest in qualitative and quantitative data collection.  We match staff skills specifically to the needs of your project, and because we keep additional staff capacity, we can begin implementation in a matter of weeks, not months.

A variety of data sources: We can conduct more than simple surveys.  Our field teams have done in-depth scoping, focus groups and stakeholder interviews, participant enrollment, and point-of-sale data collection.

State-of-the-art survey collection: We conduct surveys on tablets using SurveyCTO (and have a team of survey programmers to assist).  This allows for rapid data collection and dissemination.  Integrated data validation and high frequency checks ensure the highest levels of data quality that is monitored in real-time.

Salivary assays: We have the ability to collect and store salivary samples for measurement of biomarkers such as cortisol.

Close ties and rich networks: We have close ties with community leaders across Kenya, which allow us to implement research with maximum community buy-in and acceptance.  Our deep networks into various sectors of Kenyan Governments, NGOs and private organizations can help you find the right expert of partner for your project.

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