Ariana Keyman


Ariana is an Engagement Director at Busara. Since joining the Busara in 2015, Ariana has developed and managed numerous projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, both in the field and in the lab. She has extensive experience working with both research and advisory clients in a wide variety of sectors, including civic engagement and accountability, digital finance, environmental governance, and rural development. As well, she played a leading role in establishing the Busara Uganda office, and in institutionalizing Busara’s work in Uganda across a number of different sectors and partners. 

Prior to joining Busara, she has worked in Turkey in the areas of immigration, refugee policy, and women’s empowerment, and has managed research projects related to rural development in Ecuador and India. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Economics and Political Science from McGill University, and a Master of Global Affairs from the University of Toronto in Canada.